Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Cole in PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale?

    So apparently Cole is coming to the PlayStation All Star: Battle Royale party. This was a no brainer that Cole is coming but people just didn't know when he was coming. There was some tweets from the mo-cap and the voice of Cole McGrath on inFAMOUS 2.
    His name is Eric Ladin and he said on a Tweet on Twitter.com "Feels good to get back in the mo-cap suit! Before you ask...no, not inFamous" then user "PaybackPrahl" Tweeted him "then what? Any hints to drop" then Eric Ladin replied saying "I was playing Cole". Later on he end up deleting those messages and that just stirred the pot even more!

    The game inFAMOUS released in 2009 and it was a huge PS3 hit. Everybody loves a super hero but sometimes they love blood in there hands. That's where inFAMOUS comes in! You play a character name Cole McGrath he's a bicycle boy (delivery boy) and he got this package that exploded, that package gave him electrical powers. Cole had to make a decision to use these powers for good or for evil (famous or infamous), so that adds some mortality to the game.

    The game got a sequel called inFAMOUS 2 in 2011 and that was indeed a great game as well! Pretty much Cole has to kill "THE BEAST" and in order to do that he needs more power. So in search for this power he needs to collect these things called "ray shards" that are shards from the ray sphere that can give Cole massive power! So now you know why people want this character in this game. Hopefully he will be this coming December.