Monday, April 30, 2012

God of War: Ascension

    God of War is Santa Monica's big secret for the past months and now it's out and big! It was first teased on the reality show called "The Tester" whoever won on the show gets to test on Santa Monica's new big title that was this game the whole time. The second picture below is the second teaser of this game and also the last teaser of it.

    Lets talk about the name of this title. God of War is from the first game (God of War) when he killed the God of war but the weird word is "Ascension". Ascension means becoming a higher being and this game is a prequel to all the god of war games so far! So God of War III he kills all the gods so that might be considered higher being but we are not sure how far the story will go. The first teaser video is here.

    The awesome thing about this game is that they introducing a new feature to the God of War franchise and that is multiplayer! How the multiplayer is going to work is that it's a four on four match and one side favors one god and the other side favors a different one. They fought in honor of there gods until one side is victorious. Here is a clip of the multiplayer of God of War Ascension!

     Their will be more information in the near future so keep your eyes open when they come out!

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