Monday, April 9, 2012


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      The new name for the PlayStation 4 is PlayStation Orbis. Apparently from rumors the Sony is going to be calling there next generation console Orbis! Sounds kinda weird don't it? Well the PlayStation Vita pretty much means PlayStation "Life" because Latin for vita is life. Latin for Orbis is "Circle" so if you put the two together it forms "Circle of Life".

      There is also some specs that are rumored for this console. Orbis will apparently have resolution up to 4K! that's absolutely insane! the latest TVs that are out only goes up to 1080p! So this console will have the resolution of the future brand TVs.

      This console is also rumored to stop the used games market and backwards capabilities. PlayStation 3 started this a little after it released but later on made newer models of the PlayStation 3 that couldn't play PlayStation 2 games. It's looks like Orbis might be going down the same route as the PlayStation 3 but instead of releasing it with backwards capabilities they are going to delete that in general.

      Here is a popular saying "are you buying a PlayStation 4 to play PS4 games or are you buying a PlayStation 4 to play PS3 games?" more than one person is saying that for sure and I do approve that statement! Why should you care about playing PS3 games on the Orbis? that's what the PS3 is for! I do think it's wrong to target used games for a change, if they are going to do that they shouldn't put that on all games maybe just the exclusive titles from Sony should be like that.

By the end of the day this is all a rumor so all we can do is wait.......
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